Vanilla Bean Soap Organic Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera gel by Good Earth Spa.
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Our Sandalwood Vanilla Soap has a comforting, creamy and deep scent. The perfect blend of of Earthy & Sweet. Unisex. Good Earth Spa Sandalwood Vanilla soap is made by cold process and retains it's natural glycerin, a humectant that draws in moisture. Our Sandalwood Vanilla soap is suitable for all skin types and the double butters are especially great for sensitive and dry skin. 

Cocoa & Shea butters are high in antioxidants and are able to sooth & hydrate deep into the skin. Powdered sandalwood is used to sooth skin and is also said to have healing properties. Organic Cocoa Powder, also loaded with antioxidants, swirled in with sandalwood for a dramatic visual appeal. Each bar is unique with fluid swirls of cocoa and sandalwood. Natural, healthful colorants.
All Good Earth Spa soaps are Ph balanced.

Our Palm oil is Certified Organic and RSPO Sustainable.

4oz per bar minimum net weight.

*Organic Ingredient.

Orders of 39 or fewer bars of soap come wrapped and individually labeled.
Bulk Orders of 40 bars or more are made fresh and are not labeled. 
We recommending curing the soap for an additional 3 weeks before packaging or re-selling
Please allow 5 business days for orders >40 bars.
We recommending curing the soap for an additional 3 weeks after receiving before packaging or re-selling.
  • Size: Quarter Pound Bar

Sandalwood Vanilla Soap with Cocoa & Shea Butter

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